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IDEA - Universal SQL sub-system

Added by Madars Vitolins over 1 year ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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It could be possible to send queries to some XATMI server with standard UBF and receive responses from database. For example, we could send:

EX_DB_QUERY ="select data1, data2, data3 from sometable where data4=:EX_DB_COL1"


on response we could get:
EX_DB_RESULT=0 (succeed, or DB code/mapped)

The support for XA transactions will come out of the box.

The target driver could use java jdbc system. We could offer using standard dialect, for example https://blog.jooq.org/2013/09/09/crazy-translations-of-simple-sql-expressions-to-various-sql-dialects/ so that developer could use one language for any of the databases.

Some kind of clustering also could be possible with making journal logs and pushing the changes to DBs later... (just idea).

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#1 Updated by Madars Vitolins 10 months ago

Then for this case we will need XA driver which will keep the transaction in ATMI context (maybe internal driver/switch symbol). Thus we can run transaction in full multi-thread/go-routine mode and still be in global transactions. And the Java end will roll the transactions with JDBC.

#3 Updated by Madars Vitolins 3 months ago

Would have option for multiple database replication. One database would be primary, and second db would be replicated via journal files.

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