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tprecv() with TPNOBLOCK flag on empty queue sets tperrno=0

Added by Madars 10 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:05/27/2022
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Found during Python Binding testing:

>>> e.tprecv(cd, e.TPNOBLOCK)
N:NDRX:5:d190fd96:13447:7f5e04de4740:001:20220527:161410524576:ndrx_tpalloc:ed_buf.c:0239:ndrx_tpalloc: type=NULL, subtype=NULL len=0
N:NDRX:5:d190fd96:13447:7f5e04de4740:001:20220527:161410524635:ndrx_tprecv :sation.c:1044:ndrx_tprecv enter
N:NDRX:5:d190fd96:13447:7f5e04de4740:001:20220527:161410524659:_svq_receive:ys_svq.c:0814:receiving msg mqd=0x2860398, ptr=0x28e83a8, maxlen=65552 flags: 2048 qid: 360529
N:NDRX:5:d190fd96:13447:7f5e04de4740:001:20220527:161410524694:_svq_receive:ys_svq.c:0844:msgrcv(qid=360529) failed: No message of desired type
N:NDRX:5:d190fd96:13447:7f5e04de4740:001:20220527:161410524712:ic_q_receive:iutils.c:0562:No messages in queue
N:NDRX:5:d190fd96:13447:7f5e04de4740:001:20220527:161410524730:ic_q_receive:iutils.c:0578:ndrx_generic_q_receive: -2
N:NDRX:5:d190fd96:13447:7f5e04de4740:001:20220527:161410524751:ndrx_tprecv :sation.c:1287:ndrx_tprecv return -1
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
endurox.XatmiException: 0:TPMINVAL


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Release notes

Fixed tprecv() XATMI API call, so that if TPNOBLOCK was used, and no data was present on conversational channel, the correct error TPEBLOCK is reported.

Available from Enduro/X release 8.0.6+.

#2 Updated by Lauris 9 months ago

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