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Windows OS support

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Windows support might be reached by using:

- https://github.com/robinrowe/libunistd

- by using msmsq as queue transport

- Also it looks like there is no polling for those queues, thus we could run in System V IPC queue mode.

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The server poller could do following:


MQReceiveMessage() + Peek -> add to overlapped waitformultiple objects With small buffer size. This is needed so that we do not grab two messages at the same time if doing async MQReceiveMessage to all service queues. We use peek on small buffer just to trigger wakeup.

If for some result we get OK or buffer overflow, then there is something in queue. The try to read message from Q in non blocked mode (i.e. set dwTimeout to 0). If got message all ok, if not return back to poller.

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Scheduled for Block 2 project.

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