Enduro/X 3.3.2 Released

New version of Enduro/X released which include works on common logging functions
Added by Madars Vitolins about 2 years ago

New functions have been added to XATMI sub-system, which is intended to be used by user for doing debug logging of their applications.
List of the function:

extern NDRX_API void tplogdumpdiff(int lev, char *comment, void *ptr1, void *ptr2, int len);
extern NDRX_API void tplogdump(int lev, char *comment, void *ptr, int len);
extern NDRX_API void tplog(int lev, char *message);
extern NDRX_API int tploggetreqfile(char *filename, int bufsize);
extern NDRX_API int tplogconfig(int logger, int lev, char *debug_string, char *module,
char *new_file);
extern NDRX_API void tplogclosereqfile(void);
extern NDRX_API void tplogclosethread(void);
extern NDRX_API void tplogsetreqfile_direct(char *filename);


extern NDRX_API int tplogsetreqfile(char **data, char *filename, char *filesvc);
extern NDRX_API int tploggetbufreqfile(char *data, char *filename, int bufsize);
extern NDRX_API int tplogdelbufreqfile(char *data);
extern NDRX_API void tplogprintubf(int lev, char *title, UBFH *p_ub);

See the man pages of these function, and additional information can be found in ex_devguide document.