8.0.6 Patch release

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Wit this release, Mavimax brings Python language support for the Enduro/X.


Feature #767 - Bnext2() API call
Support #768 - tpcommit() status reporting
Support #769 - Random generator update to use thread local storage for seed
Bug #771 - PROTO error - no reply from service in multi-threaded server mode without long jump
Feature #772 - New flag TPCI_NOEOFERR for tpgetcallinfo()
Bug #774 - BFLD_PTR embedded fields shall be freed automatically when tpfree() is run on main buffer
Bug #775 - Concurrent (from different threads) debug init and tpinit from another thread might cause deadlock at binary startup
Feature #776 - API for debug file pointer handling
Support #777 - tpcancel() shall remove messages from reply queue
Bug #778 - tpgblktime(0) returns 0 in case if there as any previous affected XATMI call e.g. tpcall
Bug #779 - DDR routed services with UBF type calling with other buffer types hangs the tpcall() routine
Support #781 - tprecv() with TPNOBLOCK flag on empty queue sets tperrno=0
Feature #782 - Add support for xadmin ctrl+d handler for quitting the utility
Feature #783 - Add support for CBfastadd() UBF API call
Bug #784 - Error in SystemV IPC mode shared memory houskeeping
Bug #785 - Duplicate server may be started, if died server is rebooted by ndrxd and meanwhile started by xadmin CLI tool
Support #788 - on fork exec (clients, servers) close stdin

Release availability

See https://www.mavimax.com/downloads