EnduroX Open Source Middleware Platform for Distributed Transaction Processing. Platform provides compatibility with Oracle ® Tuxedo ®

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Enduro/X 6.0 released
Enduro/X release information
Added by Madars Vitolins 7 days ago

Oracle Linux releases UEK 5
Oracle is released UEK 5 kernel for its Linux server operating system
Added by Madars Vitolins 4 months ago

Community feedback
Enduro/X benchmark vs Apache Kafka vs RabbitMQ vs ActiveMQ on Go
Added by Madars Vitolins 6 months ago

Enduro/X 5.3 released
Enduro/X 5.3 is released. The version contains major work done for SOA/Microservices cache, features is called Enduro/X Smart Cache.
Added by Madars Vitolins 9 months ago

Minor update endurox-5.2.6
Added by Madars Vitolins 11 months ago

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