Version matrix

Source code compatibility

In scopes, git branch is denoted.

Enduro/X Enduro/X Connect Enduro/X Go Enduro/X Java Enduro/X Python
endurox-7.0.x (7.0-maint) 2.4.20+ (2.4-maint) 2.5.2+ (master) 1.0.x (1.0-maint) N/A
endurox-7.5.x (7.5-maint) 2.4.20+, (2.4-maint) 2.5.0+ (2.5-maint) 2.5.2+ (master) 1.5.x (1.5-maint) N/A
endurox-8.0.x (master) 8.0.x (master) 8.0.x (v8.0) 8.0.x (master) 8.0.x (v8.0). Enduro/X Core 8.0.6+ required

Binary releases compatibility

Binary releases between minor version modules (.x) are compatible only with versions released together at the given time.


19.08.2023 release:
- Enduro/X Core 8.0.8, Enduro/X Java 8.0.2, Enduro/X Connect 8.0.4, Enduro/X Python 8.0.4